The flea market.


I am struggling with the big topic for second blog post so here’s something little about my online portfolio.

After good two years in oblivion the website is back on. Not sure why it lingered offline for such a long time. I was probably gathering the courage to take a critical look at it. I cut down a good chunk of works I used to have there visible to strangers. It wasn’t easy. There’s a piece of precious memory embedded in every picture or video. Yet, looking at my work in the context of the history of art is very unsettling.

Browsing the Pinterest feed for new dose of eye candy is my daily habit. It’s like tottering around the flea market. It’s time consuming nature of the internet. I thought it would be a good thing to take some responsibility and try to make even this vast virtual space less cluttered. Self censorship is hard though. It’s harder than craft of art itself. Good stuff needs to breathe.


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