Don’t panic. Everything is connected.


Love the perception of life that comes from the mind of Douglas Adams. I am not good at reading the books so thanks for all the BBC’s radio dramas of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and TV adaptation of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. They both reflect well how I feel. That’s me projecting my self not to the specific characters in the shows but to the whole universe they’re depicting.

See, I am in panic! I have problems to chill out and accept how well everything is connected. I have moved to Bristol four years ago to follow the dream that seemed to be happening. It didn’t. The other fella still likes to think he actually is living the dream. Buffoon. Anyways, after three years and pure frustration I quit the studio work to move on to be a freelancer. I do motion graphics and animation for living. That is some seriously saturated market I gotta tell.

The overwhelming artificial visuals of the urban world suggest that it has to be great to be involved in the business of visual art and design today. It is. I think it always was. There always was that sparkling glitter that’s surrounding the creative life.
There’s one thing that is killing it for me though. It’s the path you need to take to be accepted as an “artist” by people. Or should I say – you don’t need to take one at all. The art is instant. It’s what #instaart on the Instagram is.
I will forever remember what my friend told me when he approached me asking for work few years ago. His entire portfolio was made of work based on After Effects tutorials available out there, which he crafted while working in completely different industry. He has decided to switch and jump right in to the creative one, because the “you can be anything you want” attitude that goes with the learning programmes encourages him to do so.  In a nutshell, I told him that I don’t see any creative approach in his portfolio projects and can’t see how we would work together. He got offended and didn’t understand. I believe it’s not his fault. All he sees is tons of crap floating on the surface, generated by the  millions of wannabe artists that have decided to pursue this path, because taking it is so easy and liberating.
Since the meaningless and often lame visuals are growing in it’s popularity, those who don’t mind going with the trends can expect a lot of attention and love, from both consumers and agencies with roaster of wealthy clients.
For example these popular so called abstract animations made in 3D and rendered in say Octane to get that touch of beautiful realism in? Most of what’s out there was effortless to make. Not like because the guy who made it is like so skilled, bro. They utilise existing stock models and engine presets and have zero intentions to level up the game. It really doesn’t take anything to create and the audience doesn’t give a damn about this.
There sure is some work that needs to be done still. Pushing the buttons, adjusting sliders and curves for example, which I believe soon will be a matter of cumbersome past. But what is the concept behind it? It’s the ride on the wave of popularity which isn’t a new concept to the creative world. Thanks to the culture of instafame it’s more harmful to the society then ever before. Because the big wave’s sweeping those who actually create and forces them to learn how to surf on it.

An image a day, don’t think, just release something so the followers get their candy.

In a way it feels like the creative glitter’s on everyone. It’s not like I’m walking the streets looking like the disco ball whilst everyone’s squinting at me because of the glare. It’s the other way around.
That’s the panic I am in. In what way am I connected and interconnected with everything? I am surrounded by tons of cables, that’s for sure.
I like to think before I do the work though. See things in relation to what’s out there already. How to invent, evolve or  revolve. I like when there’s a concept to the work I do. May the concept have the silliest cheap looking output, but there is a reason why it’s rendered the way it is. And it’s not the hype that drives it.
The hype around anything should be an indicator that something is wrong, because people are not thinking just following.

Then there is the Brexit. I am not going to talk about how does it affect my life because I don’t know the full impact yet. It is definitely keeping the panic very lively.
Me-EU-UK-Brexit, oh we are connected all-right.


The flea market.


I am struggling with the big topic for second blog post so here’s something little about my online portfolio.

After good two years in oblivion the website is back on. Not sure why it lingered offline for such a long time. I was probably gathering the courage to take a critical look at it. I cut down a good chunk of works I used to have there visible to strangers. It wasn’t easy. There’s a piece of precious memory embedded in every picture or video. Yet, looking at my work in the context of the history of art is very unsettling.

Browsing the Pinterest feed for new dose of eye candy is my daily habit. It’s like tottering around the flea market. It’s time consuming nature of the internet. I thought it would be a good thing to take some responsibility and try to make even this vast virtual space less cluttered. Self censorship is hard though. It’s harder than craft of art itself. Good stuff needs to breathe.


For art’s sake, just focus on one thing already!


Creative industry praises the specialists it seems. I hear it often. You have to identify yourself somewhere on the meandering path of the production pipeline.

I am focusing on one thing I think. Art would be it. Very ambiguous thing to say but it fits the idea. It comes in many forms though. It’s a shapeshifting kind of one thing.

I am also reinventing myself once again. This is like my version 3.0. I heard that it’s what artists are suppose to be doing. It’s a Phoenix kind of lifestyle.

I want to organise my work and my thoughts on it. Blogging when blogging isn’t a thing anymore feels like the right way to pull it off. It’s an artist’s kind of blog.

This is hilarious.